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Childers Brothers: Helical Piers Services For Hobbs, NM

Is your property in Hobbs, NM showing visible signs of interior and/or exterior structural damage? Childers Brothers offers the best, highest-quality helical piers services to stabilize moved walls and regain foundational stability, permanently securing your peace of mind.

Let’s briefly look at a few of the more common issues you could be dealing with when foundation problems are prompting you to head online and start researching helical piers.

  • Are those small fractures in walls, bricks, tile, and flooring becoming larger, faster?
  • Are walls bowing, tilting, or leaning out to the point you can actually see it?
  • By this time, you should be having difficulty closing windows and doors in impacted areas.
  • Trim and molding may start becoming misaligned, making for a serious eye-sore.
  • Settlement could be causing ruptures and damages to pipes, leading to saturated and worsening conditions for foundational soil.

From tree roots growing out of control and threatening a large portion of your property, to poor drainage or improperly prepared sites leading to other serious issues… there are many reasons your foundation could be failing. Call Childers Brothers and see if our helical piers are part of your solution.

How Childers Brothers Helical Piers Function

First, we’ll hydraulically drive the piers down into the soil strata of your foundation with special equipment. From here we attach our proprietary brackets to the concrete foundation at proper intervals to restore carrying capacity and better spread out pressure in the impacted areas. Then we’ll use the jack to even things out and stabilize.

After close to a half-century, we feel our helical piers are a superior product when it comes to settling both homes and some business structures. We differ because of our vast experience and having served over 15,000 happy customers.

  • Trained & Certified: Our technicians who will be working around your property, consulting with you about the issues, answering your questions and getting everything done in a timely, safe and professional manner are fully-trained and certified. Not a day crew.
  • Highly Tested Piers: Every single one of our helical and resistance piers has been systematically tested to ensure they comply with the highest standards and building codes; ICC-ES AC358 Evaluation of Helical Foundation Piles and Devices.
  • Custom Solutions: After working with them for decades and on so many unique properties, we understand that each project is going to be different with its own challenges. We’re used to it. Childers Brothers only provides custom solutions.
  • 100% Under Warranty: All Childers Brothers work is guaranteed by our Word-Is-Bond warranty options so you can rest easy. We also offer financing options for those that apply, and our work is relentlessly reliable.

Get A Free Quote On Helical Piers In Hobbs, NM

The first step in the process is to contact Childers Brothers and let us know you need our help. We’ll promptly send out one of our technicians who can get the ball rolling immediately, provide a thorough 27-point analysis, and a competitive quote.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Friendly, exclusive chemical formula, knowledgeable answered all of our questions.”

Clayton, NM

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