Hobbs Pier & Beam Adjustment

Childers Brothers Premium Pier & Beam Services In Hobbs

Does your pier-and-beam foundation on your Hobbs property need a professional inspection, adjustments, additional beams, or replacement? Childers Brothers has been working with homeowners in your position for close to a half-century and would love to help.

It’s not uncommon for older or, in some cases, newer homes on pier and beam supports to need attention as the years go by. That crawl space is handy yes indeed, but as the beams age, joists crack, and supports settle, maintenance and attention are required. If you live in Hobbs or surrounding areas like Lubbock, Big Spring, and Midland, Childers Brothers is who to call.

Get An Inspection at Least Once A Year!

Why wait until your walls start cracking or your floors begin sloping or sagging to the point you can’t shut certain doors anymore? If it’s already gotten to that point, don’t work with just anyone—we’ve helped over 15,000 customers across New Mexico, Texas, and more.

What might be causing the problem?

  • One or more supportive beams may have fallen or lost integrity (load capacity).
  • Soil around has weakened and loosened either naturally or through some irregular occurrence like sudden groundwater movement or seismic activity.
  • Joists aren’t impervious to time and weathering either; they get damaged and fail.
  • Bugs and other animals, along with excessive dampness and mildew, have structurally weakened the entire system to an unsafe degree.

Hobbs-Area Soil – Common Issues

Hobbs sees long hotter seasons (May-Sep), with short, dry and often rather windy colder seasons (Nov-Feb). Most of the soil is sandy-loam, which is great for farmers but it presents challenges to home and property owners. After getting our hands dirty with these soils for decades, our goal is simple—to help you protect your crawlspace area, preserving your property’s foundation quickly and professionally.

Free Quote On Pier & Beam Adjustment In Hobbs

Simply call us and within seconds you’ll speak with one of our staff (not some random call center associate) who will answer basic questions and get you set up for a free no-obligation inspection. After the diagnosis, you’ll get a break down of your situation along with a straightforward quote and recommended services (we have financing options!).

  • Custom Solutions: We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions, but true personal service that addresses your home and its unique circumstances. We’re a family-owned and run business, not some rigid corporate operation.
  • Guaranteed Work: All work with the Childers Brothers name on it is guaranteed. That’s been a part of our policy for decades and one of the reasons we’re still in business today.
  • Trained Techs: Childers Brothers only hires dedicated, professional, and friendly technicians who are a proud part of our company, not day labor or temporary workers who aren’t specially trained in these systems.
  • Truly Dependable: From our guaranteed work and impeccable customer service to our long-standing relationships with the people of this area, Childers Brothers is dependable.

Along with our pier and beam services, we also offer solutions to address house leveling issues, larger soil stabilization methods, basement repair, and concrete work (repair, replacement, etc).

Foundation Repair

Put your home into the seasoned, skilled and guaranteed hands of Childers Brothers when it needs leveling or have its foundation addressed.

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Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization has been a big part of what we do around Hobbs for a long time—we can tame your soil through an assortment of affordable services.

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Basement Repair

Protect your basement! Childers Brothers can repair flooring, walls, supports and more. Whatever it takes to get your basement back to normal.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

Outstanding! From the time I contacted the office to the finished contract… phenomenal, professional, and personable. They are there when they say they will be. Very thorough examination and addressed all of our concerns. No question was too big or too small for our foreman. The entire crew was fantastic, completed their work with the precision of a well-oiled machine. It was amazing to watch! I cannot express how good they are at what they do!”

Clovis, NM

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