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Hobbs Slab-Lifting Foam

Childers Brothers: Pro Hobbs, NM Foam Leveling Services

If the concrete slabs around your Hobbs, NM property are uneven, cracking, or showing serious signs of wear and tear, Childers Brothers foam leveling services are the ticket! We’ve been working with concrete for decades and can get things back to normal in less time, at less cost, with less disruption, and no environmental impact.

For Small to Moderately-Sized Projects

We’re not going to try and level the average home with precision polyurethane foam, but it’s a great way to get down under concrete slabs (requiring us to drill fewer holes) and bring them back up to within 1/8th of an inch while filling voids underneath and blocking water movement.

Many homeowners today see this as a better more cost-effective route vs. loudly breaking the concrete apart with jackhammers (depending on where they’re located this could be quite the project), ripping it out and replacing it. The slabs may not need replacing in the first place.


A Cleaner Alternative to Mudjacking


Our precision foam and machinery make it so there’s little to no disruption or clean up afterward. No muddy splatter, no cement mixture to clean up, no muss no fuss or damage to surrounding landscaping if we’re addressing slabs near gardens or heavy-traffic walkways.

The foam adds substantially less weight, lowering soil stress, and provides strength against the natural freeze/thaw cycles for decreased chance of settlement problems in the future.

Why Childers Brothers—After Nearly 50 Years

  • Professionally-Trained Technicians: Our technicians are seasoned professionals, highly-educated and trained to do what they do for your friends and neighbors around Hobbs. We don’t hire day labor or temp-workers.
  • 100% Guaranteed Work: Because of our high standards for our technicians, 100% of their work is under a strict Word-Is-Bond warranty so you have complete peace of mind. Everything is taken care of.
  • Access to the Highest-Quality: We use the best equipment and precision foams for perfect leveling and no big mess to clean up afterward. It’ll be as though we were never there; done in half the time!
  • Hardcore Dependability: Arguably the #1 reason Childers Brothers is still in business after close to 5 decades is because we’re unflinchingly dependable. Or, as we like to put it, relentlessly reliable.
  • 15,000+ Customers Served: Since 1972, we’ve had the pleasure to serve thousands of families, and we’re happy to be of service to you as well. To get a better idea of what to expect, check out our reviews.

Free Concrete Analysis & Slab-Lifting Foam Quote In Hobbs

Don’t hesitate to contact us—we’ve been working with the world’s #1 building material since the early 1970s and have seen just about everything. The first step is getting your basic information and sending a technician out to inspect the situation. They’ll assess your situation and give you an ironclad quote for foam leveling on the spot.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Very professional, prompt, and responsive to requests.”

Carlsbad, NM

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