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Hobbs Soil Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Local Hobbs Soil Stabilization Services

If your Hobbs, NM home is suddenly showing signs of settlement, Childers Brothers soil stabilization services are exactly what you’re searching for. Don’t wait, what might seem like superficial cracks and tiny slopes in flooring can quickly become serious foundation issues threatening one of your most important assets!

Depending on where exactly in the Hobbs area you’re located, settlement is likely being caused by the soil under your home (potentially below your home’s core supports) tightening. The New Mexico region is hot—we have longer hotter summer months than most the rest of the country, and this causes soil to shrink. As it shrinks, soil volume shifts, supportive areas can get weakened and part of your home can start sinking.

Alternatively, soil can become far too waterlogged for a variety of reasons—both by human hands and nature — which has the same kind of impact but for different reasons. Maybe it was a freak flash flood. Maybe just an uncharacteristically long downpour or plumbing leaks. Of course, one can lead to the other, namely settlement leading to damaged leaky pipes which then further weaken the soil through saturation and so on.

Common Soil Cycle Issues: 

  • Are you noticing drywall fractures and cracks getting worse? Perhaps cracks are appearing in the ceiling and/or flooring as well?
  • Are windows and doors becoming sources of frustration because they won’t close or unsightly gaps are worsening?
  • Is water suddenly starting to pool in your basement or immediately around your home?
  • Is the chimney leaning, concrete becoming uneven, or brick & mortar steps breaking apart?

Childers Brothers Custom Solutions to Age-Old Soil Problems

Let’s briefly go through the five core soil stabilization solutions we can customize to suit your particular situation: the EcSS 3000 soil stabilizer, compaction foam leveling and mudjacking, or pier and beam adjustments.

— The EcSS 3000: This is a 100% safe solution that is injected into the soil that molecularly rearranges things so that the shrink-expand cycle of the soil is largely, if not altogether, negated. Visit our official Soil Stabilization page for details.

— Foam Leveling & Mudjacking: This is about filling voids that can shape within the soil as it shifts, settles, or is slowly swept away by improper groundwater movement, and so on.
— Pier & Beam: Should settlement or improper soil movements impact your pier and beam support system, Childers Brothers can repair, replace, renovate and update your crawl space.

Soil Stabilization Quote In Hobbs

You can reach out to our professional customer service team (local, not some foreign call center), to get answers to your questions and set yourself up with a free no-obligation inspection by one of our technicians. We follow a comprehensive 27-point assessment to fully diagnose your property and ensure you’re fully informed as to what your options are.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“My floor so far is leveled with no concerns as of today. The workers were on task and were cordial in their actions and words. I did not get ripped off for a change. Thank you.”

Portales, NM

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