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Childers Brothers: Lubbock, Texas Helical Piers Services

If your Lubbock, Texas home is undergoing foundational failure or looks like it needs extra structural support, Childers Brothers has been serving the area and surrounding communities with the best helical piers in the industry for decades.

Common Signs of Foundation Failure

  • Is that once gorgeous brickwork or masonry chipping, cracking, and breaking as foundation shifts?
  • Are your kitchen, shop, or downstairs laundry room tiles or concrete slabs cracking or becoming increasingly uneven?
  • Are walls bowing, leaning outward, or cracking? In connection, is trim and molding taking a beating as well; perhaps leaning?
  • Are windows and doors becoming impossible to close due to uneven flooring? Are gaps beginning to appear around them and their framing?

Before we can tell you EXACTLY what’s causing your foundation to flounder, we need to send a technician out to analyze the situation. These aren’t projects we can consider after merely a phone conversation or a few emails.

The Helical Piers Process (In Short)

Once it’s decided by our seasoned technicians and yourself that customizing and leveraging helical piers is the best direction, we’ll get to work. Once we have the exact piers cut to specification, we’ll use hydraulics to drive them deep down into the soil strata below the affected area.

Once in place, we use our proprietary brackets to attach the piers at appropriate intervals for the most powerful boost to long-term structural strength — where the load is transferred into the far more stable strata soil. If soil stabilization services are needed, there’s no better name to work with than Childers Brothers.

Why Childers Brothers Stands Out

We’re extremely proud of the fact we’ve happily been in business for close to 50 years and served over 15,000 customers with…

  • Custom Solutions: The helical piers used to help stabilize and reinforce your foundation will be custom orders and sized to perfectly fit your needs. Childers Brothers doesn’t do cookie-cutter, but ‘Done Once, Done Right’ helical piers solutions.
  • Expert Technicians: The technicians who will work with these piers on your property are well-trained and undergo ongoing education yearly. You won’t see any unskilled day labor or work crews with Childers Brothers.
  • Work Under Warranty: Everything we do on your property will be completely under warranty and covered. You can rest easy that you and your home will be taken good care of.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Childers Brothers technicians and engineers are trained to use a 27-point analysis when looking at any residential or commercial project that involves soil stabilization and home leveling. This analysis has been steadily created and optimized over DECADES and THOUSANDS of projects.

Simply use our customer service phone number or Contact Us page to schedule your free, in-home and no-obligation consultation. You can see EXACTLY what’s going on with your property and how helical piers or other solutions can restore your peace of mind.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The people were very professional and well trained in their work. The products used were well designed and made for the task.”

Lubbock, TX

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