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Are you in the Lubbock, Texas area and in need of mudjacking (often called slab-jacking) or concrete services? Contact Childers Brothers today to work with a local family-owned company that’s been tangling and taming concrete for the better part of a half-century.

From house leveling and soil stabilization technologies to all manner of concrete and foundation work, we have a wide variety of solutions to turn to restore your peace of mind.

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Our 3-Step Mudjacking Process

1. Once we’ve identified the specific slabs being impacted and inspected them, we’ll drill a specific number of holes into the slab with special drills.
2. Afterwards, we’ll slowly begin to pump our mudjacking mixture through the holes into the empty space or voids below your slabs causing the issues.
3. Once we’ve re-leveled the slab, we’ll seal the holes we made. The final step is to completely clean up the workspace to make it as though we were never there in the first place.

The Injection Foam Option

During your free in-home inspection, our technician will likely ask if you’ve ever considered going with more modern injection foam. The foam allows us to be more accurate, it’s FAR lighter and less likely to exacerbate any soil settlement issues, it’s less expensive and takes our technicians less time to get the job done.

That being said, not everyone wants to go through route, it’s just good to be informed and know what your options are when concrete and foundation issues strike. What else sets us apart aside from our 50 years in business?

  • Top Technicians: We employ the best, brightest, hard-working contractors. We also ensure they receive ongoing education for a good many skills used in our services. Expect prompt, courteous, respectful and friendly service.
  • Work Under Warranty: All work done under the Childers Brothers name is covered with our strict Word-Is-Bond warranty approach. Explore our warranty page to learn more.
  • 15,000+ Served: That’s a lot of jobs, a lot of homes, a lot of families, and a lot of neighbors. We pride ourselves on being among the most experienced and successful in our industry. Explore our reviews page to see what else folks are saying.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Very professional, answered every question to our satisfaction. Workers were very efficient and courteous. Did not leave a mess!”

Lubbock, TX

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