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Welcome to the Childers Brothers services page for the Midland, Texas area and surrounding communities. We’ve been in this part of Texas for generations — on this page, you can learn more about what we offer home or business owners, a bit more about us as a company, and how to get the process started.

Childers Brothers’ Core Midland Services

These are our four core services which we’ve been gaining experience and expertise in for decades and decades — not just in the Midland, Texas area but across the state.

  • Foundation Repair: We’re who to call if any part of your home seems to be showing signs of serious destabilization – cracking walls or flooring, bowed, tilted, or leaning walls, etc. Consider us your home foundation and leveling experts.
  • Soil Stabilization: Our EcSS 3000 technology changes the soil so it can’t expand or shrink as well. We can help stabilize the soil for both up and coming as well as existing properties.
  • Basement Stabilization:: We’ve worked on basements in every type of home and property. We can turn to a variety of solutions, from power braces and carbon fiber sheeting to concrete work and repair.
  • Concrete Coating: Along with repairing and replacing concrete, we also have an extensive array of coating options to suit near any kind of structure: warehouses, large commercial settings, industrial work areas, residential homes, and more.

Our Primary Methods of Repair

Now that you’ve been introduced to our core services, let’s take a look at our set of repair methods that help to narrow our focus.

  • Helical Piers: This technology is close to 200 years old, and we’re no strangers to custom fabricating and installing them in almost exclusively residential projects. Cutting-edge steel piers, highly-tested and certified, with professional installation.
  • Pier & Beam Adjustment: Whether your beams are suffering the wear and tear of time or your piers need structural support, our technicians are seasoned in working with Texas pier and beam homes (both old and new models).
  • Epoxy Crack Repair: We utilize some of the very best epoxy resins and adhesives money can buy from trusted and highly-regulated manufacturers. Our technicians are specially trained to work with and apply them in a variety of settings. We can restore and strengthen your important surfaces.
  • Slab Lifting Foam: When dealing with surfaces where our mudjacking services aren’t a good fit, we offer precision polyurethane foam injection to re-level and stabilize your concrete slabs. The difference is our equipment and specially-trained techs.

Some Benefits of Working with Childers Brothers

Let’s turn now to four of the benefits you’ll enjoy working with Childers Brothers. Of course, there are plenty more, like our financing options and relentless reliability policies, but these four are the base by which we’ve thrived over close to 50 years in business.

  • Custom Solutions: We’re not a quick and messy operation. We don’t do cookie-cutter work. With Childers Brothers, you can expect your service and solutions to be custom-tailored to your needs and your particular set of circumstances.
  • We Stand By Our Work: All Childers Brothers work is under our strict Word-Is-Bond warranty to put your mind at ease and ensure we stand by our work.
  • An Expert Team: All of our Childers Brothers team members are good at what they do, and we don’t hire day labor or temporary work crews. From your customer service agent to your technicians, our people treat you and your property RIGHT.
  • Local Family-Owned: Despite almost 50 years in business, we’ve never lost our local family-owned company culture. We’re proud to serve our Midland neighbors, as well as all those in surrounding communities.

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To schedule a free consultation and analysis on foundation repair in Midland, contact us today. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“They set a time and came when scheduled. Also, with all the digging, I was concerned I would lose several of my mature plants. As it turned, out I didn’t lose one plant and when they finished, it was as though they had not disturbed any dirt at all. Childers Brothers was not the cheapest, but we feel they were the best.”

L.R. - Canyon, TX

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