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Midland Basement Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Midland, TX Basement Stabilization Services

If the basement in your Midland, Texas home is showing signs of destabilization or is currently experiencing an emergency, contact us for a host of basement stabilization services. We’ve been in the business working with foundations and basements for decades and seen it all. We are your efficient, professional solution.

  • Vast Experience: We’ve worked on basements under everything from historic homes, churches, and nursing homes to commercial buildings, schools, and restaurants. You name it, we’ve done it.
  • Custom Solutions: We don’t work with approximations and best guesses. We specialize in facts and science to craft custom solutions because every single basement stabilization project is unique.
  • Trusted & Proven: With about a half-century in business and over 15,000 happy customers served, we are definitely a Midland basement-stabilization company that’s earned our community’s trust.

Common Causes of Basement Destabilization

Most folks who contact us about a basement issue don’t exactly know what’s happening. They aren’t sure why the problem is occurring in the first place or what to do about it. Generally speaking, and this is VERY general, soil settlement plays a big role along with the movement of water or moisture.

  • It’s possible the home is on unstable soil that wasn’t compacted properly or perhaps layered properly.
  • There have been excessively wet or dry conditions in the Midland area; weather extremes that have caused foundations to shift. It might not be a soil issue, but an issue which calls for more structural support.
  • Water drainage has been damaged or isn’t properly being led away from foundational soil around supports, beams, etc.
  • Expansive clay soils which have been an issue for a long time, as well as the natural breakdown of organic matter in soil (creating voids) under older structures.

Turn to Childers Brothers

We have a large assortment of options from which to choose: basement repair in terms of its walls and flooring, concrete slab leveling and repair, concrete support repair, soil stabilization, power bracing, or even adding cutting-edge carbon fiber sheeting to your basement walls.

Schedule a Free No-Obligation Inspection

Reach out to us today for basement stabilization in Midland. Our friendly and expert technicians will ensure you know everything that’s happening, what your choices are, and what the costs look like. No sales gimmicks. No nonsense.

The technician’s (not salesmen) initial goals are to discover the issue, get a good grasp on solutions and provide you with the facts. From there you can choose whether to work with Childers Brothers. Either way, you’re completely informed.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I was very pleased with the efficiency of the service and the manner of the men who did the work. For the most part, everything was left cleaned up and put in place. I would have these people out again, though I hope I don’t need to now!”

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