Odessa Basement Stabilization

Basement Stabilization in Odessa, TX, From Childers Brothers

Odessa, TX is home to nearly 120,000 people and a wide range of homes that families are proud to call theirs. But these homes still require care over time in order to serve Odessa families for years and generations to come. That’s where Childers Brothers, Inc. can help. We offer a wide variety of services to Odessa, including basement stabilization.

Get Your Odessa, TX Home Back On Track When Your Basement Is Unstable

We all want our home to be stable, almost above all else. This is especially true of your basement, as the rest of your home is formed over it. But even the basement can begin to strain from the pressure above or from foundational issues below. If your unstable basement is left ignored, it can cause severe and costly damage to your foundation. A few signs of an unstable basement include:

  • Unlevel flooring
  • Cracks in the wall — especially cracks that are wider at the top than the bottom, cracks in brickwork or caulking, or cracks in the upstairs drywall
  • Doors and windows that fail to shut properly
  • Leaning chimneys and porches

An unstable basement can spell disaster for your ability to feel comfortable and confident in your home. Fortunately, Childers Brothers, Inc. can help.

We Have a Proven Basement Stabilization Process

We don’t just use a band-aid method to fix the current problem. At Childers Brothers, we seek to not only stabilize your basement but fortify it so that it does not need to be stabilized again. One way that we do this is by employing science-based solutions. We don’t show up to your home already knowing how we plan to fix your basement stabilization problem. Instead, we take a look at the basement and do a 27-point analysis to determine the exact problem and the best method to fix it.

Two of our most common basement stabilization methods are: custom-fitted H-beams, made with steel that resists rust and helps to strengthen your walls; and carbon fiber sheets, a new and lightweight method that adheres to the walls of your basement to strengthen them and keep them from bowing again. These are only two options out of the many we might employ, but they are options that have been proven to work time and time again.

Why Choose Childers Brothers For Your Odessa Basement Stabilization?

Childers Brothers, Inc. has been in business since 1972 because we’re committed to approaching every one of our jobs the right way, from start to finish. We don’t cut corners. Here are some things you can count on when you work with us:

  • 27-point analysis and science-based solutions. We never approach a job claiming to know exactly what to do before we see the problem itself. First, we conduct a thorough analysis of the space. We draw a conclusion from there about the precise method to employ.
  • Top notch products, top notch technicians. We use the products that are changing and shaping the market, and we keep an eye out for the best emerging products. But the best products mean little without the right team of technicians to back them up, so we employ highly trained, professional technicians, as well.
  • Word-is-bond warranties. Our warranty is having top people installing top products, as well as our promise: if something goes wrong due to our workmanship or materials, we’ll come back and fix it.
  • Financing. We offer financing plans that can allow you to have these necessary leveling repairs done for as little as $80/mo.

Other Home Leveling Services in Odessa, TX By Childers Brothers

We go beyond expert basement stabilization, offering a wide range of other home leveling services including:

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“Your entire team beginning with the salesman to the work crew was excellent! They did a great job, put things back where they belong, and cleaned up the property very well!”

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