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Soil Stabilization in Odessa, TX, From Childers Brothers

Odessa, TX has primarily a hot, dry climate, though there are times of the year when rain and even snow might grace the ground. The weather here has an impact on the soil, which can swell when wet or shrink when dry and brittle. And that soil can impact the foundation of your home. Fortunately, you can stabilize your soil to keep your foundation in shape for years to come. When you use the right soil stabilization methods, you can ensure that your soil stays stable for good.

Why Some Soil Stabilization Methods Just Don’t Cut It

Lime treatment is a popular soil stabilization method. It encapsulates the soil, fortifying it and keeping it from taking in too much water. However, lime treatment is not built to last. It will wash away over time, and then you’ll be back to the same problem you had before. This is true of many popular soil stabilization methods. They’re not built to last. They put a bandaid on the soil, covering it, but they don’t address the soil itself. Even pre-swelling, which does impact the soil by swelling it beforehand so that it won’t swell later on, has been shown to be ineffective and can cause foundation settlement. You need a soil stabilization method that lasts, and Childers Brothers the perfect solution.

Choose EcSS 3000TM Soil Stabilizer For Your Odessa, TX Home

EcSS 3000TM is different because it’s designed to change the soil at an atomic level, preventing swelling not just for now but permanently….and it’s exclusive to Childers Brothers ever since we purchased ESSL in 2014. This soil stabilization method is also less messy than methods such as pre-swelling. It is injected through a minimally invasive drill that goes deep and decreases negative particles in the soil to 1-2%, making them less able to take in water and therefore swell.

Why Choose Childers Brothers For Your Odessa Soil Stabilization?

Childers Brothers, Inc. has been in business for nearly 50 years, and we offer the top leveling solutions you just can’t find anywhere else, but we also back it up with expert professionalism. Here are a few benefits of working with us.

  • 27-point analysis and science-based solutions. We’re thorough in our analysis of your soil stabilization issue to determine the best way to tackle the problem, rather than trying to fit your problem to our solutions.
  • Top notch products, top notch technicians. The best products are nothing without the right people behind them. That’s why we take equal care to ensure that our employees are highly trained and behave at the height of professionalism.
  • Word-is-bond warranties. If something goes wrong due to our workmanship or materials, we’ll come back and fix it. It’s as simple as that.
  • Financing so you can fit any project into your budget.

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