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Welcome to the Childers Brothers services page for Roswell, New Mexico. Here you can learn about our general offerings, our primary methods of repair, and a bit about our local company founded back in 1972. Enjoy!

Childers Brothers Core Service Offerings

There we were just getting started as a small family-owned home painting company when we soon began noticing how common it is to find cracks in interior and exterior walls. Since then, we’ve moved into structural and soil-based stability as well as foundation work.

Foundation Repair: Both for upcoming and existing homes, we have a mixture of technologies, tools, and methods to level residential structures in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Soil Stabilization: In relation to foundation repair in Roswell, often soil stabilization comes into consideration. We have a state-of-the-art soil stabilizer EcSS 3000 that’s been proven in three separate scientific studies.

Basement Stabilization: Depending on the situation and current state of destabilization in your basement, we can use a number of solutions. These include carbon-fiber sheeting, H-beams, and more.

The Childers Brothers Core Methods of Repair

Now that we’ve covered the basics of our service offerings, let’s look at four of the more specific methods we use for foundation and concrete repair in Roswell.

Helical Piers: Once our technicians understand all the many scientific data points, variables, and considerations of your home, we’ll create custom-fabricated piers from highly-tested and certified manufacturers for optimal and long-lasting load capacities.

Pier & Beam Adjustment: We are extremely familiar with both the soil and pier and beam-supported homes in our region. We’ve been working with them, as well as newer models of course, since the early 1970s. Whether you need adjustments, replacements, maintenance, repairs, or updating, we can help.

Epoxy Crack Repair: After decades of working with both concrete and concrete repair methods, we use the best epoxy crack repair products on the market; our technicians are specially-trained in their usage and applications.

Slab-Lifting Foam: Along with conventional mudjacking, which our technicians are skilled at as well, we offer modern precision polyurethane foam injection to re-level your concrete slabs. Not your home of course, but slabs in driveways, pathways and sidewalks, basements, and so on.

More About Us | The Childers Brothers Company

All that said, we’re not the only game in town. How have we managed to not just survive the last near half-century in business, but thrive? There are a lot of reasons, but among those are these that we’re quite proud of…

Expert Technicians & Analysis: We don’t hire day labor or temporary crews. All of our team members are experts, all skilled in specific services or repair methods. They themselves rely on our 27-point deep analysis approach so that there’s no guesswork, estimations, or half-measures.

Our Word-Is-Bond Warranty: We stand by our work and guarantees it through first and foremost our Word-Is-Bond Warranty options.

Financing & Payment Options: If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and need help, with approved credit we can step in to offer financing options, payment options and more to ensure you sleep soundly.

Better Materials & Custom Solutions: We may not always be the cheapest option—we simply provide the best value. One of the primary reasons is because we use only the best materials, that are themselves highly-tested and don’t come cheap. Your solutions are custom and provide the longest-lasting result.

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To get started or ask us a question about our foundation repair services for the Roswell area, contact us today. If you choose, we can schedule a convenient time for a free analysis and quote. We would be honored to hear from you and help you make the best decision for your property.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Friendly, courteous employees. Installation was as expected. Workers explained what they were doing. Cleanup was outstanding.”

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