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Roswell Helical Piers

Childers Brothers: Roswell, NM Helical Piers Installation

Are you a Roswell, NM resident dealing with soil settlement, causing a home or business structure to sink further into the ground than it should be (or was designed to be)? You’re not alone! Childers Brothers has helped thousands upon thousands of folks across NM and the southwest deal with expansive soils, settlement, and structure stabilization with our helical pier installation.

With 50 years in business, you can count on Childers Brothers to use only the best highest-quality steel helical piers, equipment, and methodologies. We even have them custom-fabricated for a perfect fit and outstanding long-term performance.

How Helical Piers Work — The Basics

Simply put, these long steel shafts have helix-shaped plates at the end so they can be screwed into the deeper soil strata sort of like a screw into a wall. They’re hydraulically pushed down and rotated to generate axial thrust and propel them into the ground, then our proprietary brackets can be attached to the pier and your foundation wall.

Our installers are experienced, so it’s going to go smoothly and efficiently. There will be minimal disturbance outside the direct area, minimal ground vibration, and many other benefits (including getting your home/business back to normal!). Helical piers are a long-term solution, unlike methods such as concrete press piles and concrete shoring pads. Helical piers are stout, precise, and can bear loads like few methods can.

A Little Helical Pier History

A man named Alexander Mitchell is credited with inventing what we call helical piers back in the 1830s, close to 200 years ago. What was he propping up back in those days? Lighthouses and bridges among other things. This kept the structures stable despite being built on difficult foundations like mudbanks and the ever-shifting sands and soils of coastal areas.

Today, we use them mostly to address the three core reasons for foundation failure. Roswell homes can experience foundation failure for a variety of reasons. Here are a few…

  1. Undergrowth: That huge tree in the front yard was still growing and pushing roots into your foundation. It’s not only tree roots you have to worry about, but ‘transpiration’ which is where roots dry out areas of soil causing shrinkage.
  2. Over-Saturation: On the other hand, when soil gets way too oversaturated, whether by human activity or mother nature, it can itself become like water. This is a huge problem that can literally wash your foundation away if left unchecked.
  3. Improper Drainage: One cause of oversaturation we see most often isn’t weather-related, but pipe related. Busted and damaged pipes, or even improper drainage systems that don’t adequately push water away from the foundation are serious dangers.

Whatever the reason for your foundation failure, we can determine the issue and come up with the right plan of action – whether that includes helical pier installation or a different method.

Helical Pier Installation Quote In Roswell

Simply pick up the phone and dial our number or use our Contact Us page to get in touch. We can get a technician out to your property as soon as possible to deeply and thoroughly analyze the situation, then diagnose the problem and provide the next steps to achieving the best solutions. We look forward to helping you and welcoming you to our extended family of over 15,000 happy customers.

When you choose us, you choose expert helical pier installation in Roswell. That’s a promise

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