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Childers Brothers: Roswell, NM Soil Stabilization Services

Are you in need of soil stabilization in the Roswell, NM area? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are a local, family-owned company that’s been in business since 1972. In that time, we’ve performed projects for over 15,000 satisfied customers. We have the expertise, tools, and passion to do your job right the first time. Contact us for a 27-Point Analysis, and we can determine the right course of action for your soil issue.

Why Your Soil May Be Settling

From the moment you contact our customer service team to when our technician shows up for your scheduled consultation (more on this in a moment), our goal is to determine exactly what’s causing the problem.

  • Is it an issue with expansive clay soil and freeze/thaw cycles?
  • Improper or perhaps damaged drainage systems sending water in the wrong direction?
  • Structures atop old weakened soil that’s undergone years of weather and organic decay?
  • Is there something causing erosion to speed up, essentially taking away the foundation?

There are so many potential causes, but we can pinpoint the problem with our expert analysis. Our core go-to method for soil stabilization in the Roswell area is EcSS 3000, which is a proven solution exclusive to our company.

EcSS 3000 Soil Stabilization

At Childers Brothers, we can offer cutting-edge residential and commercial soil stabilization through the powerful EcSS 3000 technology. It’s been proven in three separate university studies. Here’s what researchers have to say…

The EcSS 3000 solution permanently changes the molecular structure of the clay particle from an expansive crystalline lattice to a collapsed, stable amorphous (noncrystalline) structure.”

The EcSS 3000 solution does not cause expansion of the clay lattice and adsorbed water (double layer) as water alone, does. In fact, the soil layering remains similar to the soil structure of the untreated soil.”

What that means is we dramatically reduce the soil’s ability to expand due to moisture absorption. This helps prevent shrink/swell cycles that can cause foundation damage to your home or property.

We can use EcSS 3000 to stabilize soil for everything from building pads and pavement subgrades, to sidewalks, swimming pools, residential driveways, etc. At the end of the day, this solution is a long-term solution that reduces the swell potentials of soil down into the single-digits.

Soil Stabilization Quote In Roswell

Don’t wait—get in touch today. Soil stabilization for your Roswell home is extremely important for your foundation. We can schedule a convenient time for your free analysis to diagnose the issue and determine a solution that works within your budget. Zero pressure. Zero pricing games. Zero obligation. That’s our ironclad promise to you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I am only trusting that Ecss3000 lives up to the expectations. However, I am already recommending Childers Bros to some of my neighbors who are having the same problems; this based simply on the professionalism and courtesy of the team that applied the product. The crew who came to my home were exceptional. I was especially impressed with their care for my property and clean-up after the application.”

Artesia, NM

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