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San Angelo’s Only Scientifically Proven
Soil Stabilizer

Knock Soil Expansion Out Of The Park

The San Angelo area is full of clay soil that expands and contracts with the moisture cycle. In other words, when the soil retains moisture, it swells. This is very problematic for your house because it leads to foundation upheaval. When your foundation is under stress, it can cause floor cracks, windows and doors that stick, and uneven surfaces.

Here at Childers Brothers, we use a method called soil stabilization to fix and prevent soil expansion. We offer the only solution in the Texas Panhandle that will actually stop soil expansion called EcSS 3000. It stops soil swelling by permanently altering the soil molecules, preventing them from binding with water and reducing swelling to 1-2%.

We were so impressed with this product that when the company that produces it went up for sale in 2014, we purchased it. Now, we are exclusively the only foundation repair company that offers this fantastic product.

An Amazing Reputation

In our 4+ decades of service, we have helped over 15,000 customers fix their foundations. In the process of providing fantastic work, we have received so many compliments and amazing reviews. These are just a few examples:

“Juan and his crew were awesome. They knew what they needed to do to fix the foundation of my home. When they were done they left everything clean. Juan kept me informed of what was being done at all times. I will highly recommend Juan and his crew.”

– Rebecca Alford

“Your company is AWESOME! Every person we came in contact with was professional and courteous. They showed us respect and made us feel important. Even your people who answer the phone are respectful. Thank you so much for the service you gave.”

– Zenitha Rosales

“The crew you sent to our house were efficient and they took the time to answer any questions we had. They cleaned everything up… we couldn’t even tell they had been here after the job was finished!”

– Mark Weeks

“1. They stood by their estimate even though they missed a few items in the initial inspection they did not charge more. 2. The workmanship was excellent. 3. They were able to schedule early and I did not have a long wait.”

– Pat Oconnel

Rated A+ By The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that exists to let consumers know whether businesses are trustworthy, dependable, and satisfy their customers. It uses several important criteria such as transparency, licensing, and the number of complaints to rate businesses from A+ to F.

Not only do we have an A+ rating at Childers Brothers but we are also BBB-accredited. In addition to meeting the criteria for our high rating, we also build trust with our customers, honor our promises, and are responsive, among other key requirements to achieve accredited status.

A Warranty With No Fine Print Or Exclusions

Many foundation warranties look great when you first receive them. Then you try to use them and find out there are a lot of exclusions and fine print. At Childers Brothers, our warranty is completely different – It doesn’t have a lot of fancy writing and there’s no tricky fine print.

What you get is a guarantee that if something goes wrong because of what we did, we will be back to fix it. This is our word-is-bond warranty. How do you know we’ll be back? We’ve established a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness in the San Angelo community. Our customers expect that we will be transparent and open with them in all things.

Is Expansive Clay Soil Wreaking Havoc On Your
Foundation? Call The Foundation Experts

Is your San Angelo home’s foundation heaving? Soil stabilization may just be the solution to your problems. Let the experts at Childers Brothers handle the job!

We only use the industry’s best products to stop soil expansion in its tracks. In fact, you won’t find a better solution anywhere else.

Call us today at (800) 299-9563 to schedule your free estimate.

We service San Angelo and the surrounding areas.

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