Signs Of Trouble

Get To Know Common Signs Of Foundation Trouble

Want To Know If You Have A Foundation Issue?
Here’s Your Sign…

Do you have cracks in your drywall or ceiling? Jammed windows and doors? Sagging floors? A leaning chimney?

If so, there’s a good chance it’s a sign of foundation trouble.

Foundation problems show all kinds of symptoms. To give you a better idea if YOUR home is having foundation trouble, we’ve detailed the most common signs and symptoms below. We also show you how to help prevent foundation trouble from occurring and why some solutions just don’t work.

If you even think your home is experiencing one of these issues, call us immediately. Foundation troubles don’t go away on their own; they just get worse and worse. The longer you wait, the more expensive the problem becomes. Our 27-Point Analysis will pinpoint the precise problem so we can recommend the best possible remedy.

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Signs Of Foundation Trouble

Wall & Floor Cracks

Those cracks might be much more than cosmetic. They could be signs of serious foundation issues!

Sticking Windows & Doors

Are windows and doors in your home hard to open? The cause could be an uneven foundation.

Foundation Upheaval

Foundation upheaval can be caused by expansive clay soil. See if your home is suffering from it.

Sagging Floors

Sagging floors are often a surefire sign that your foundation needs attention ASAP.

Crawl Space Issues

Notice problems with your crawl space? Your pier and beam foundation could be the culprit.

Preventative Tips

Here are steps that can help stop costly foundation problems from occurring.

Why Some Solutions Fail

Not all foundation repair methods are created equal. Here’s why some just don’t work.

FREE 27-Point Home Analysis

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