Why Does Soil Stabilization Reduce Foundation Upheaval In Amarillo, TX?

Why Does Soil Stabilization Reduce Foundation Upheaval In Amarillo, TX?

Our PROVEN EcSS 3000 Can Stabilize a Foundation on Clay Soil

There are several factors that can affect the foundation of your Amarillo, TX home. These factors range from man-made issues to environmental issues. The good news is that environmental factors, like the soil, can be managed to avoid foundation damage.

One of the biggest environmental factors that affect your foundation is upheaval caused by unstable soil. This is a major issue for many local Amarillo, TX homes due to the type of soil in the area.

What Is Foundation Upheaval?

You have probably heard of a house “settling.” This is when the foundation sinks lower into the ground, which is considered the normal thing for your home to do.

So, when foundation upheaval occurs, it poses a serious threat. Foundation upheaval is when the foundation rises in some areas, causing your foundation to be uneven.

Signs of Foundation Upheaval

When foundation upheaval occurs in a home, there are several signs that point to this. These include:

  • Doors sticking in the home
  • Windows not opening or closing properly
  • Floors that start to feel uneven
  • Cracks forming in the walls and ceilings
  • For homes with concrete floors, you may start to notice cracks.

It is always great to know the signs of what to look for, however, the problem is that foundation upheaval signs are similar to foundation settling. This is why calling the professionals is a must to determine just what is going on with your foundation.

How Does Clay Soil Affect Your Foundation?

One of the biggest contributing factors to a home suffering from foundation upheaval is the soil. In the state of Texas alone, there are over a thousand different kinds of soil that are seen throughout the state.

In the Amarillo, TX, area, clay soil is dominantly seen.

The problem with clay soil is that it is very heavy and does an absolutely terrible job of absorbing water. Clay soil is going to absorb water slowly, and this means if a lot of water comes at once, there will be standing water everywhere…even around your foundation.

What is interesting about clay soil is that while it absorbs water slowly, it holds onto water and expands. This means that even after a rainstorm has passed, the water is being held deep within the soil and continues to expand.

When you combine this type of soil with the heat that is seen in the Texas area, it creates a recipe for disaster. While clay soil may hold onto water, once it dries out, it contracts. This entire process is why the foundation is affected so much.

As the soil expands and contracts around your foundation, it becomes uneven. There is no way for clay soil to expand and contract at the same pace all the way around your foundation. This leads to the foundation going up and down…causing foundation upheaval.

The Answer? EcSS 3000

Every home in Amarillo, TX, is going to be a possible victim of foundation upheaval. That is unless you have your soil stabilized. Soil stabilization prevents clay soil from absorbing excess water and disrupting the foundation.

While there are many products out there for soil stabilization, we offer the EcSS 3000 system. This system was designed by Environmental Soil Stabilization LLC in 1993 and purchased by Childers Brothers in 2014. We are the ONLY company in West Texas to offer this stabilization system!

When unstable soil is the cause of foundation upheaval, we inject the EcSS 3000 into the soil around the foundation. The EcSS 3000 reduces the number of negative particles in clay soil, which is responsible for hanging onto this water. As these negative particles are reduced, it eliminates the swelling in the clay soil completely, breaking the water bonding effect.

It is all very scientific, but it does work. The solution we utilize has been proven to be successful through studies at Texas A&M and Penn State universities.

The Process Of Applying EcSS 3000

What makes this the perfect soil stabilization for your home is the fact that it is noninvasive. We utilize a handheld rod pressed down into the ground around your foundation, usually every three feet. The solution is then injected into the ground at depths of 7 to 8 feet, depending upon the ground itself.

The entire process takes just a few hours in most cases, with no cleanup for the homeowner to worry about. It is a stress-free process that will stabilize the soil to help with foundation upheaval.

When To Consider Soil Stabilization

For those who are wondering if our EcSS 3000 system is the right choice to stabilize their soil…it most certainly is. However, when should you contact us?

If you start to notice any signs that your foundation is moving, then a call to the pros is a must. Remember, when you contact the pros at the first signs of foundation issues, it can save you more money in the long run. If foundation upheaval continues, this affects the structure of the home completely.

We do recommend that new homeowners who have recently built their homes also have their soil stabilized before foundation upheaval can become an issue. This soil stabilization process is not only meant to treat foundation upheaval but also help prevent this in the future.

Get An Estimate Today

If you believe that your home is suffering from foundation damage, do not wait to call. Contact us today at 800-299-9563 for a free estimate and a 27-point inspection to determine the degree of foundation upheaval and whether the soil is to blame. Given our Amarillo, TX area, chances are soil stabilization can correct your problem before it becomes a disaster zone in your home.

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