27-Point Analysis

For Amarillo & Surrounding Areas:
Free 27-Point Foundation Analysis

Our High-Tech Analysis Gets To The Root Of Your
Foundation Issue So We Can Provide The RIGHT Solution.

A big reason many foundation solutions fail is due to lack of proper diagnosis. And when you consider how quick and superficial the average foundation inspection is, it’s easy to see why most diagnoses are wrong.

The typical foundation inspection consists of the following…

  1. Asking you a few questions.
  2. Glancing at a few cracks in your walls or floors.
  3. Placing a level on the ground to see if your floor is uneven.

Total inspection time: About 10 minutes.

This would be like going to your doctor for a serious illness… and having the nurse diagnose you after taking your blood pressure and asking what brought you in. No exam. No x-rays. No doctor.

Would you trust a remedy based on this kind of diagnosis?

Of course not!

And you shouldn’t, since it takes MUCH more testing than that to diagnose a serious ailment accurately.

It’s the same with foundation issues. There could be many underlying causes—and the only way to determine what they are is to dig deep into the symptoms through meticulous testing, analysis, and research.

If the average 10-minute foundation inspection is like a nurse diagnosing you after a few questions, our 27-Point Analysis is the equivalent of your doctor performing x-rays, a CAT scan, an MRI, a head-to-toe physical exam, and a dozen other tests. That is to say, we don’t make any sort of recommendation until we thoroughly explored every, nook, crack, cranny, and possible cause of your foundation problem.

We don’t do a quick once over of your home, ask you a few questions, and then provide a solution. Instead, we provide a free 27-Point DEEP Analysis of your foundation that involves over a dozen high-tech tools and pieces of equipment. Here are just some of the tools we use during our analysis:


Thermal Imaging Camera

Allows us to see if heat/AC is leaking out of cracks near windows and doors.


Moisture Meter

A meter that allows us to see if there is excessive moisture in your concrete.


Endoscopic Camera

A lighted camera we place into cracks and voids to see what’s beneath the surface.


Digital Tape Measure

We use digital tape measures in place of “ordinary” tape measures for down-to-the-decimal accuracy.


Measuring Wheel

A versatile tool that allows us to measure perimeters, linear footage, and pier placement distance.


iPad Measuring Map App

We don’t do simple hand-drawn plans. Our map app lets us make accurate, computer-generated models.


Zip Level

A device used to take elevations of the floor/slab in the home to find differential movement or deflection.


Digital Caliper

Measuring device to show precise measurements of damage to brick, concrete, and sheet rock.


GoPro Camera

We record our analysis to show you the true extent of the problem. You get picture-proof of our findings.

These and the other tools we use allow us to diagnose your foundation issue with 100% accuracy. This way, we can recommend the proper remedy for your home—the one that will fix the problem RIGHT and FOR GOOD.

Does our 27-Point Analysis take longer than the average 10-minute inspection? Yes. It takes however much time is necessary to get to the heart of your foundation problem (which, trust us, is probably going to be longer than 10 minutes!).

Does our 27-Point Analysis cost anything because it’s so involved? No. You pay the same for our 27-Point Analysis that you pay for another company’s 10-minute “surface” inspection. That is, $0.00.

Get in touch to schedule a free 27-Point Analysis today. There’s no sales pitch, pressure, or obligation. We’ll perform the analysis, review our findings with you, and recommend a solution—that’s it. Whether you choose to move forward with us is completely up to you.

That’s another way our 27-Point Analysis is like a thorough examination from your doctor—our “bedside manner” is top notch. We are caring, accommodating, and make your experience comfortable. That’s a promise.

FREE 27-Point Home Analysis

No Cost. No Obligation. No Pressure.

Need house leveling or foundation repair? Don’t settle on a solution until you know the EXACT cause. Our 27-Point DEEP Analysis pinpoints the precise problem so you have the info you NEED.

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