Better Products

Better Products

We Emphatically Insist On Using
Better Products

We’ve Curated The Most Trusted & Proven Products
On The Market… And Blacklisted The Rest.

When a homeowner calls us to fix a repair another company performed, the reason is typically the same: The products the other company used failed.

Some products fail because they’re poorly made. Others fail because they aren’t an effective solution for the specific problem. And the rest break down simply because they weren’t meant to last in the first place. (Visit our Why Some Solutions Fail page for more details.)

Childers Brothers - Zero Lemons For Foundation Repair ProductsOur philosophy regarding the products we install is simple: Zero lemons—period.
Let’s be real… foundation repair, soil stabilization, and concrete leveling aren’t exactly cheap. We therefore feel it’s our responsibility to provide you with the best of the best products on the market.

That’s why our quality standards are rigidly demanding. Before we consider adding a product to our collection, we put it through the wringer. We find out every bit of information about the product. We hold meetings with the manufacturer to learn about their values, reputation, and customer service. We place the product through a series of tests to determine durability, efficacy, and overall quality.

If a product makes it through our demanding “bootcamp,” we add it to our collection. If it doesn’t pass the test, we thank the manufacturer for their time, tell them we want to go a different direction, and never look back. We’ll never let that product touch your home.

Because of our strict quality standards, most foundation repair products don’t make the cut. But here some of the few that do…

Helical Piers – IDEAL

Helical piers are already one of THE most reliable and long-term ways to fix sunken foundation. We ratchet up the quality even further by installing IDEAL-brand helical piers—the best helical piers on the market, hands down.

Better Products 1IDEAL is one of the few companies that pour that distinct American passion, ingenuity, and craftsmanship into their products. They are consistently the industry trendsetters for cutting-edge production and manufacturing. It’s why they offer the market’s best helical pier warranty—30 full years.

But perhaps best of all, IDEAL is the kind of company that understands there is always room for improvement. They take the time to listen to their clients, constantly strengthen their quality controls, and consistently innovate on their already innovative products. The ONE time we had an issue with their product, they actually flew out from their facility in New York to inspect the problem in person! (Read the full story here.)

EcSS 3000™ Soil Stabilization – ESSL

Better Products 2EcSS 3000 is our proprietary soil stabilization solution. It’s the only soil stabilizer on the market that’s been proven to work by three separate University studies (Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State University).

Unlike other soil stabilizers, EcSS 3000 is a permanent solution for reducing swell potential, which helps prevent foundation upheaval. EcSS 3000 alters the molecules of the soil to prevent the soil from swelling due to water retention. The application is minimally invasive, and the solution is safe for the environment, pets, and people.

EcSS 3000 can be used as a preventative measure or if you’re already experiencing foundation issues. Either way, it will stabilize your soil for GOOD.

Slab-Lifting Foam & Epoxy – Prime Resins

Better Products 3Prime Resins is an American company that leads the industry in chemical grouts, concrete-lifting foam, adhesives, and coatings. We get a number of our products from Prime Resins, including our slab-lifting foam and the epoxies we use for basement stabilization.

Prime Resins is as picky about who installs their products as we are about whose products we choose to install. To use Prime Resins products, companies must pass rigid testing to become certified. This way, Prime Resins knows that their products are being utilized to their fullest capabilities.

Bottom Line: If It’s Not The Best, We Don’t Use It

When you choose us for foundation repair, soil stabilization, or concrete services in the Amarillo area, you can feel 100% confident we’re utilizing the latest and greatest products on your property. Anything less than the best simply doesn’t cut it at Childers Brothers.

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