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Childers Brothers: Foundation & Concrete Repair, Amarillo TX

Childers Brothers is a trusted Done-Once, Done-Right kind of contractor who guarantees our work and stands in front of nearly a half-century of serving homeowners like you. Over 15,000 happy customers served since 1972.

Why Choose Childers Brothers

Seasoned Analysis

We don’t act on guesswork, assumptions, or approximations. We also don’t believe in sales pressure. Our value sells itself.

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Secure Solutions

Your property and the issues you face are unique. We provide 100% custom solutions on every project.

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Top Workmanship

Childers Brothers technicians are well trained and undergo continuing education; certified and verified professionals, not day labor or temp help.

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Powerful Reliability

A primary reason we’ve been in business for nearly 50 years is that we’re relentlessly reliable. You can count on us.

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Spot The Warning Signs

When You See These Signs Of Foundation Trouble, There’s No Time To Waste!

Inside the Home

Drywall and ceiling cracks, windows and doors sticking or showing gaps, sloping floors, or doors and windows which have become misaligned.

Outside the Home

Cracks in exterior or structural foundation, stairs and brick mortar, water pooling around your property, soil separation, and plenty more.


Noticeable cracks between your flooring and walls, which themselves may be substantially rotating or bowing along with sloping or uneven flooring.

Basement & Crawl Space

Leaning, tiling, or bowed walls, cracks appearing in poured concrete or block-based walls, degrading waterproofing, and other sure signs.

Our Core Services

Foundation Repair – Get Your Home BACK On Even Ground
When the foundation your home is built upon is failing or showing signs of fatigue, you don’t just trust any old contractor. We’re local, family-owned, and have been in business since 1972. No one understands foundation repair like we do.

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Soil Stabilization – Custom Regional Solutions
The earth sees fit to ensure no two soil compositions are ever the same. In our area, the highly-expansive clay soils cause the most foundation damage to Amarillo-area homes and business properties. We provide a host of region-specific, time-tested soil stabilization solutions to suit any situation.

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Basement Stabilization – For Safety & Security
By the time you notice cracks in your basement walls, the bowing has either been progressing for some time or there’s been an abrupt change in the pressures and dynamics of your home’s structural support system. We can stabilize your basement and help make sure it’s stronger than ever.

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Concrete Coating
We have the talent, credentials, and access to superior concrete coating options to transform your driveway, sidewalks, basement flooring, patio, pool deck, and more. Protect your flooring from cracks, chips, abrasions, chemical and UV damage, and more.

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Our Primary Methods of Repair

Proven Solutions For Foundation Issues Plaguing Amarillo Properties

Helical Piers

Helical piers are hydraulically driven down into the earth under your home, then our proprietary brackets are attached in intervals to cover the impacted sections of your concrete foundation. Once everything is in place, a jack lifts the foundation back to where it needs to be so it can be firmly bolted to the bracket.

everything is in place, a jack lifts the foundation back to where it needs to be so it can be firmly bolted to the bracket.

After working with helical piers for years, we feel they’re superior to other methods like concrete piles and shoring pads because they’re screwed in and more precise. Our piers are a far more long-term solution that’s planted firmly in the ground and not reliant on the weight of the home to push them down (which means less foundational stress).

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Pier & Beam Adjustment

In Amarillo and surrounding Panhandle areas, many of the older homes are supported by pier and beam foundations. For some, we’re called in to simply adjust and strengthen foundations, while for others it’s gotten to a point where complete beam replacement and updating are called for.
Should settlement or perhaps even a seismic event cause there to be a shift in your home’s pier and beam support, we have the history in this area and the expertise to get it safely adjusted quickly and to the highest quality.

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Epoxy Crack Repair
When it comes to epoxy crack repair, the most critical component is the quality of the resins. Epoxy is a concrete and foundation repair system where you treat static unmoving cracks and minimize further cracking through patching concrete. Our expert installers and technicians ensure a top-notch job you can count on.

We restore peace of mind—whether we’re filling voids in foundation walls, or employing cutting-edge resins to address that watery basement or other poured concrete structure.

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Slab-Lifting Foam

Polyurethane foam is a great alternative to other more costly and invasive methods of concrete slab stabilization. From repairing and evening out your driveway, to concrete slabs in your basement or garage.

Rather than going through the extra costs and trouble to get rid of and replace your concrete slabs, we’ll reach ‘job complete’ while adding less weight to your foundation (than conventional mudjacking) with far less disruption or negative environmental impact.

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Mudjacking involves injecting a slurry mixture under your concrete to level it. We typically recommend slab-lifting foam for uneven concrete, but mudjacking is a service that does have its place depending on the circumstance.

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Free 27-Point Analysis For Amarillo, Texas Homeowners

Contact us today, and our friendly staff can book your free 27-Point Analysis, Afterwards, you’ll receive a professional and specific quote with recommended actions to take and what the average associated costs are relative to your circumstances.

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